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Talks and Presentations

We are always excited to give back to the industry through events, presentations, and conferences. Here are a few of our most recent, including the relevant resources.

Another conference - this time in our hometown!

Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 1.35.29 PM.png

We joined Cloudanix in their Scale to Zero podcast to talk about robust security posture and to leave no security question unanswered.

See the full video!

We were excited to venture out to Nebraska for Amegala's Nebraska.Code() and present on two security topics that affect all developers:

We joined Dark Rhino Security on their podcast to discuss penetration testing and the awesome job of being cybersecurity consultants.

See the full video!

We joined the Leaders in Cyber podcast with the amazing Eddie Thomason to talk about zero trust and why it is so important.

See the full video!

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