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Technical Security Services

Do You Brag About Your Security?
Or Is It a Topic You Avoid?

Is the security of your product or environment at the top of your pitch deck? Or is it a mumbled afterthought? Are you excited when clients ask about security or do you dread it?

You designed it. You built it. Why not brag about it?

Customers are increasingly concerned about the security of the products they use - and of the companies that manage them. So, the companies that are able to put security in their pitch are winning these security-aware customers and the ones that aren't are losing money.

We help validate the security of your products and environments with penetration testing, vulnerability management, and secure application design.


Penetration Testing

From web applications, API endpoints, network services, and more, manual testing methodology follows industry best practices.

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Vulnerability Management

Regular automated scanning to test for common vulnerabilities and published issues, including reports showing trends of issues.

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Secure Application Design

Ensure security in your web applications or environment from the very beginning, avoiding last minute rushes to patch.

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"The Craft team is incredibly reliable. We have leveraged their team for several engagements ranging from audit to information security, and they are spot on every time. Not to mention that their rates beat everyone around town. They always hit the mark on their deliverables and check in with their clients to make sure they are meeting and exceeding expectations on deliverables. I highly recommend their team to anyone looking for assistance in their audit, ITGC, and information security areas."

Danielle G., Enterprise Information Security Manager

Penetration Testing

Hackers are testing your security. Why aren't you?

Penetration testing, sometimes also called "ethical hacking", simulates an active hacker targeting your environment in a safe and controlled way. We work closely with you to ensure you understand every step of the process and corresponding results. Our testing methodology is always based on industry standards and satisfies requirements for all major compliance frameworks.


Don't let criminals be the first to test your security!

  • Web Application Penetration Testing

  • Network Penetration Testing

  • Social Engineering (Phishing)

Image by Sai Kiran Anagani
Web Application
Image by Taylor Vick

Vulnerability Management

When it comes to technical vulnerabilities, the majority of hackers are chasing issues that have been published and in the public domain for years.

Because they are public, vulnerability scanners develop automated methods to quickly identify them in exposed services and hosts. Nevertheless, security teams often don't have the expertise or time to manage these scanners and their monthly (or weekly) outputs.

With our vulnerability management programs, we take on the responsibility of scheduling, managing, and reporting on regular automated scans. Reports are delivered in your desired formats and showcase the most significant issues and overall risk trends.


Secure Application Design

The most secure applications, services, and environments are the ones that build security in from the very beginning, rather than applying it like a band-aid after the fact.

With experience working with executives, development, and security teams, we know how to translate the business impact and risks of technical vulnerabilities to stakeholders so that issues are prioritized and implemented.

After all, every team wants to brag about their products.

  • Source Code Review

  • Architecture Review

  • Secure Development Training

  • Security-Focused Unit Testing

Social Engineering
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