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How To Make Sure Your WordPress Website Has Adequate Security

Picture of computer screen reading "Is your WordPress website secure?"

WordPress is a fantastic tool to make awesome websites, but it has a bad track record for security issues and vulnerabilities.

It’s important to validate your settings and keep your WordPress install up to date to get the latest security patches.

The key to ensuring your website remains secure is to stay organized.

Developing a website or creating a network is hard enough by itself. It doesn’t help when security professionals come in at the end to poke and prod and tell you all the things you did wrong—and adding new requirements, new demands, and more work onto your plate.

The better you can keep your application and network organized, the easier it will be to adjust to new features and demands.

Four tips to building and maintaining a secure Wordpress website:

  1. Incorporate security requirements in your initial designs.

  2. Document your features and current security controls. Include why you did things the way you did so that if anything changes you can easily review the decision.

  3. Keep your program modular and logical. Methods should be short and perform a single task. Variable names should clearly demonstrate what they do.

  4. For every hour of coding, spend an hour architecting and two hours documenting.

Keeping things organized will increase the likelihood that your code won't have any surprises when it’s time to do security testing or penetration testing.

Not sure if your website is up-to-par as far as security goes?

We utilize a great tool for WordPress website scanning that provides fantastic security reports with a quick turnaround.

And, for the months of December and January, we’re offering WordPress website vulnerability scanning for free! Just click here to get your free vulnerability scan and we’ll be in touch—or pass this along to a friend who may need it!

Don’t want a WordPress scan but want to stay up-to-date on cybersecurity news and best practices? Join our mailing list here. No spam in your inbox, just valuable discussions about IT and cybersecurity.

Finally, you won’t have to worry about vulnerabilities on your WordPress site anymore!

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